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Children of Light

Book 1 – Into the Light


When you’re extraordinary, you’re a target. When you’re ordinary, you are invisible. Emma’s gifts make her extraordinary, yet she sees them as a curse and herself as a monster.


All she wants is to be invisible. However, God has a different plan. When the life of her adoptive mother hangs in the balance, Emma uses her gift to save her. This selfless act makes Emma a target and hurtles her into the light.


Kaiden is a Light-Warrior and the leader of the Elite Team. At thirty-four, he has a year left to receive a Light-Partner or lose his Light-wielding ability. When an angelic messenger tells him she’s on the way but that he must protect her, he is blinded by man’s rules, and rejects the precious gift.


Levi is a retired Light-Warrior who grudgingly serves as an Elder. All he wants is to be left alone, to tend to his herb garden and medicines. When an untrained White-Light is rejected by the Elders, he is forced to act or risk leaving her open to exploitation.


Children of Light – Book 1 – Into the Light, takes place seventy years after the rapture and ensuing apocalypse. The story follows the lives of Emma, Kaiden, and Levi, as they seek to carry out God’s will and save the world from a dark enemy.

A Dark Enemy

A dark enemy is lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike and end the Light. Will they be able to overcome their limitations and preconceptions to follow God’s plan, or will they fail and succumb to the threatening darkness?

This is a Christian, speculative fiction, end-time novel, with a touch of clean romance. It is the first book of the Children of Light Series.

If you’ve enjoyed following Emma’s journey, please consider purchasing book two, where Emma finds herself in great danger, uncertain who to trust, and struggling to accept her gifts.

The second book of the Children of Light Series, In the Shadows, is now available on many ebook retailers.

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