Returning from a Break. Love writing, but it’s hard work.

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I had taken a break and now I am coming back to writing.

Well here we are, it is September! I can hardly believe that most of the summer is behind us. For me, it has been a time of rest, refreshment and, to a degree, rejuvenation. I have taken a two-month break from writing. Not that I intended to do that, it truly just happened. I had been writing almost non-stop for over two years. I had not realized how mentally exhausting it had been. Only when I stopped, did I understand. (In reality, just to put things into perspective, I started writing Children of Light in June 2017, which is 4 years ago!)

Starting Again!

But, here we are and I am biting at the bit to start again. I have story ideas awakening and insisting they be heard. Although Book 3 is fully mapped out, there are always unexpected twists and turns that crop up as I write. Plus, new characters that come on the scene I had not expected or planned for.

To those of you who are writers, I am sure you will understand. To my readers, just trust me, this is simply a fact of my writing life. As I write, I always turn the entire process over to God. He is the inspiration behind every aspect.

Read books

As I took time off from writing, I read books. I had the pleasure of reading several books, all from fellow indie authors. Some are already published, and one is being released in 5 days. 

Here are links to some of those books.

It’s Called Grace by Virginia Henderson. A lovely Christmas time book, written by a Christian author. It is clean and with a powerful message about God’s Grace.

Promises Unbroken by Kristina Hall. Another book by a Christian author. It is an exciting and on the edge of your seat book, dealing with a young woman’s promise to her family and her sacrificial efforts to keep that promise.

Lost in the System by Nancy Jo Wilson, is being launched on September 7th. It is more of a science fiction book than the two previous works of fiction, but it is spellbinding. 

I highly recommend all three, although rather diverse, books.

The last one I will mention is a devotional book by Shauntae Spalding called Now What. A refreshing devotional for any woman in her Christian journey.

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