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Shadows of Future Events blog

Shadows of future events are a warning to us of what is to come. We need to be alert to them, but the only way is to know what to look for. God’s Word gives us all the information we need. We just need to read and study.

Happy 2022!

May you know God’s peace even in times of stress, loneliness, anger, and whatever else may come your way. May the God of Peace and Light, shine in your life, on your path, and in your heart.

Casting of Shadows

Some time ago, Dr. Jeremiah in his Forward series, said something that I’ve been mulling over for some time. He spoke about how events to come in the future, cast their shadow into the present. I found it profound. The more I thought about it, the more it resonated with me. Thus began this series of blog articles, as my reflections on that statement.

Understanding Shadows

As a way of understanding, we all know that the sun’s rays cast a shadow when their path is obstructed by a solid object. Any source of light, even as weak as the moon or a candle, can cast a shadow. The shadow is a sign of both, the light source and the item in its path. A shadow is a reduction in the light, in that particular space.

But, a shadow of future things to come? How can that be possible?

With God, all things are possible. God is our light source and things that must happen cast their shadow. I see it as an early warning system.

Things to Come – Prophecy

In His Word, God through his mercy told us about things to come. We call it prophecy. We know these things will come true, because through the confirmation of past prophecies we have confidence that future unfulfilled prophecies will come through, in God’s perfect timing. That means, if a past prophecy came true, one can argue those still in the future, will come true as well.

But, often there is ‘preparation’ time before the events happen. Many of the events don’t just spring up, catching everyone by surprise, although I suspect the Rapture of the Church may. Events begin taking place which lead to the prophesied event. Some, are benign, seemingly natural, yet they speak to what is to come. Others are screaming… Look at what is happening! Be ready. Be prepared.

Shadows of Future Events

So, in my Shadows of Future Events blog series, I will be examining some of these events. I will be taking much of the information from Dr. Jeremiah’s book, The Book of Signs, and from the Jeremiah Study Bible. I found the information enlightening, and as a Christian, sobering. We are in a time when things are happening, that brings both trepidation and excitement. Events of things to come are casting their shadows through God’s merciful light, and we need to pay attention.

Do you believe that things to come can cast a shadow… where we can see hints of things to come, where we see the stirrings of future events that we have been told about? Write and let me know… click here to be connected directly to my email.

So, stay tuned to the Shadows of Future Events blogs to follow, where I will look at specific scriptural references that point to things to come.


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