Purchase Children of Light Series

Purchase the Children of Light Series.

Purchase the Children of Light books and join an exclusive club of end-time readers who are both entertained and educated. Although my books are fictional, they are based on scripture, and what Jesus and God have told us will happen. I may use some artistic license in the timelines, but since those are not specified, I am not contradicting the Word of God.

For now, my books can be purchased from Amazon, in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. All are also available on Kindle Unlimited.
Amazon offers both eBook and paperback versions.

If you require additional information prior to your purchase of the Children of Light Series, you can read about the series here.

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Book 1 – Into the Light

Having a gift of Light is an honor and a blessing, except for Emma. Emma has the gift, but considers it both worthless and a curse. She’s been taught to hide it and never reveal it. However, when the life of her adoptive mother hangs in the balance, Emma chooses to save Cassie rather than protect her true identity. But, this selfless act throws Emma’s life into turmoil and hurtles her from safety and security into the unknown, at the mercy of others, and Into the Light.

In the Shadows, Children of Light, Reviews
Book 2 – In The Shadows

A spur-of-the-moment response of a rejected heart hurtles Emma into the hands of her enemy. Captured and trapped in the Shadowlands, Emma finds herself imprisoned and forced to face a new truth about her family. Life-altering truth that may force her to surrender and irrevocably change the path of her life. Can Emma bring herself to trust the son of her enemy to save them both, or will he betray her, trapping her forever in the shadows?

Orphan Lights
Book 3 – Orphan Lights

War is certain if not imminent. The Darkness is growing stronger. Yet Light prevails in a post-rapture and post-apocalyptic world. Emma is a White-Light whose gifts make her unique while putting her in grave danger. When in a moment born of desperation, Emma kills the Shadow-Land’s premier military strategist, the secret of her identity as the killer is born. If the truth is revealed, Emma’s life is in far greater danger, than just being a White-Light.

Book 4 – Hidden People

Time is growing increasingly short and the Darkness is ever-encroaching. The danger that the Master and the Emissary pose is felt most eminently by the Eleos, the people of mercy who hide inside a mountain. Grayson’s job is to rescue them, despite being placed on inactive status as a Light-Warrior. Tarik, a Shadow Warrior is fighting a similar battle, but from the inside. Can these men work together to rescue those they love?

Sorrow and Joy
Book 5 – Sorrow and Joy

In this last installment of the Children of Light series, we find Emma and Kaiden paired as a Light-Warrior team, and married. They have few illusions about the future. However, what hopes for a family and peaceful life they had are shattered by a series of letters left to Emma by her grandmother.

The only hope is to save as many people as they can, but how do you save a people who don’t see the truth or deny what is to come? You give them more time, but can they?

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