Pray the Prayer of Confession – Powerful Forgiveness

A prayer of confession is for the individual who is ready to commit their life to Christ Jesus. You don’t need any special training, or knowledge or preparation. Simply a contrite heart and the desire to get to know Jesus as your personal Saviour and Lord.

Prayer of Confession

Since I write about end-times, one needs to understand the need to be prepared. To be prepared for the end-times that are to come, to avoid the time of tribulation, you must commit your life to Christ.

Prayer of Confession is a simple prayer.

Lord Jesus, I am a sinful person. I ask for your forgiveness of my sins. Help me change, for I want to change. I ask you to come into my life, as my Saviour and Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Congratulations and welcome Child of God.

Next Steps: 

If you have just prayed that prayer of confession, tell someone! Share the wonderful news. Feel free to email me (Contacts section of the website) if you so desire.

You need to find a good church if you don’t have one. Ask Jesus through his Holy Spirit to guide you in this effort. It may take a bit of trial and error, but be patient. If you have friends that attend a Christian church, ask them. They’d be happy to let you tag along.

Now, open your Bible and read the book of John (It’s in the New Testament, the latter part of the Bible.) If you don’t have a Bible, click here. You can download a free Bible app.

Begin praying regularly. Just have a conversation with God, in your own words. Pretend He’s sitting beside you, listening. It’s also OK to just sit quietly and listen as well. It might surprise you what God has to say to you.

For more information for a new Christian go here (Crosswalk Ministries.)




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