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Purpose in Parenthood

As a working mother of two young daughters, I often struggled with other demands in my life. First and foremost, I wanted to be a good mother. I love my husband, so I wanted to be a good wife. However, I also had a job that I loved and wanted to do well.

Our church always had needs, and I felt pressure to help meet some of them, especially since the other women were so involved, but most of them did not work outside the home. As a young and rather inexperienced Christian, I felt the need to read my Bible and learn more, but often struggled to find the time. Whenever I attended Bible study, I felt as though everyone else knew more and had a far greater understanding… hence the need to want to learn more.

Stress Robs Us of Joy, Diminishes our Purpose

Needless to say, all these pressures often weighed in upon me, stressed me and took the joy out of the important things, like raising our daughters. Fortunately, my first priority was always our daughters, and I did my best to have quality time with them. I organized my work schedule so I was home after school, gave them healthy snacks and we’d sit and discuss the day, sometimes for an hour or more.

As I look back, I realize that was my first priority and God’s purpose for me, at that time. God blessed us with children, and as parents, our priority is to raise them well. For them to grow up to be responsible, competent adults who love the Lord our God. I wish I had not stressed so much about all the other things.

God’s Purpose For Us

Each of us has a purpose established by God. However, I have come to see that on a daily basis, and from time to time, year by year that purpose may change. As parents, we are to raise Godly children. A primary responsibility.

However, there may be other assignments, but we need to exercise wisdom and look to God for guidance in accepting the others. Don’t let the pressures of the day, or of those around you push you into serving in a capacity that is beyond you, or where you lack the desire or don’t have a heart for that ministry. Trust God to show you where you are to serve, and that He will equip you to carry it out.

Pray About It and Respond

Finally, please do not be that person that says you have to pray about it… but never respond. God is not a slacker, and neither should you be. If you know a task is not for you, say so. If you simply know that you don’t have the time to commit to it, say it. Don’t worry about hurting other’s feelings. Honesty in this area is far better than wishy-washiness (I’m not even sure that is a word, but you get my meaning).

Ask God to Show You Where He Wants You.

Ask God to show you where your ministry lies. I have often found my ministry was in unexpected places, and often in areas, I felt unprepared for. Yet, God always provided, helped and guided.

Remember, God will help you with whatever he has given you, and help you through it. Rely on Him, His strength, His wisdom and His guidance.


Finding your purpose, by Dr. Jeremiah.

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