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Kaiden as a Supporting Character and Love Interest. Originally, he was going to be the protagonist. After all, he was the focus of interest at the Pairing Ceremony I had originally envisioned and started writing about. But, as I wrote the first chapter, by the time I finished, I knew it had to change. I had never had a male protagonist in any of the writing I did. I always write from a female perspective. Sure, I have many male characters, either as a love interest or a supporting character, but never as the main character. Once Emma came on the scene, I knew she was the one, and Kaiden, whose name I initially wrote as Kai, became her love interest and a supporting character.

Character Sketch – Kaiden’s weaknesses

In sketching out his character, so many things leaped out at me, but he was too perfect. That has bothered me. He had to have a chink in this armor, a fault of some sort, because after all, he is human, and we all have faults. In the end, two weaknesses came to the fore. First, it is his over-protectiveness of Emma. He’s prayed for a Light-Mate for so long, that once he has her, he puts her on a pedestal, and covers her with a glass glove, (like a precious figuring) and makes her almost ineffective. He constrains her as she strives to figure out her role and purpose in God’s plan, but only for a little while.

Secondly, it is his perception of how God should work. He put God in a box and expected Him to function within a given set of man-defined rules. How often do we do that? How often do we have expectations of how God should work, and we put blinders on for anything else? Yet, God surprises us, often forcing us to tear off those blinders and see His full majesty.

Now, that I had a better understanding of Kaiden, and his foibles, I realized that he and Emma would have to work things out. Now, that was something I could work with.

Kaiden’s Background:

Kaiden is thirty-four years old. It is his last year of eligibility to receive a Light-Mate. For once he turns thirty-five, he will start losing his Light-Wielding capacity. He feels a sense of desperation creeping in, for his entire identity is in his ability to be a Light-Warrior. It is all he’s ever wanted, trained for, and done. He is an exceptional warrior and a good leader of men. Because of that, he attained the leader role of the Elite Team, which is the best of the best of the Light Warriors.

Like anyone, Kaiden has baggage that he carries around. His pertains to the sudden and mysterious death of his mother, Grace. It is something he and Levi share, yet rarely discuss. But, this also forms the basis of his need to protect Emma, his Light-Mate and Light Warrior Partner. So, I suppose I can understand some of his over-reactions. It only makes him human. It is the chink in his armor.

Thank you for reading. As always, I welcome any comments and insights.

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