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Reviews of Children of Light – Book 1 – Into the Light

A review by Virginia Henderson.

Oh. My. I need more of this. I literally can’t even….the cliffhanger, my friends, the CLIFFHANGER! I’m just screaming at my phone like AHHH!!! Sorry, had to vent…

**I received a complimentary PDF in exchange for an honest review**

I think the easiest way to review this is to list the things I liked and the thing I didn’t. Here goes:

What I liked: Reviews

1) obviously the ending! The plot took a dramatic turn for the worst and everything, the characters, the emotion, played out in such a satisfying way that begs for reader for more. I’m emotionally invested now. Amazing job!

2) The overall Christian themes that just spilled over each and every page. Some people might think it too preachy but I found the strong faith, the constant season in prayer and unshakable desire to serve the Almighty God with our gifts both encouraging and scolding- meaning I searched my own heart and found myself lacking. We as Christians can ALWAYS do better and I really took this to heart. Emma’s doubt of value and self-worth was very believable.

3) Kaiden’s nickname, Angel, for Emma was just adorable. I admit I gushed a few times 🙂 They made a cute couple and their personalities paired well together.

4) The verses at the start of each chapter were a nice added touch. They kinda gave a hint at what the chapter might cover and I liked that.

What I didn’t like: Reviews

1) I found some of the writing a bit repetitive. Mostly the parts about Emma’s cooking. I felt it was mentioned more times than necessary.

…I’m literally racking my brain and running the story through my mind trying to think of other cons and I’m not coming up with anymore…

I’m very anxious to see how the sequel turns out. Highly recommend this for anyone looking for a Christ-centered plot with a touch of sweet, wholesome romance and a dramatic cliffhanger. Thank you for such an enjoyable read!

More reviews: One by Chrissie Leonard of Children of Light – Book 1 – Into the Light

Originally reviewed on Goodreads.

I love futuristic novels because they call to my love of science fiction. This book did not disappoint!

This is a story of a young woman’s internal struggle to embrace who God made her to be. I found Emma to be very endearing and relatable to anyone searching for God’s purpose for their life. Her journey of self-awareness while battling the influence and expectations of others was told very well.

I enjoyed the supporting characters. While their stories could stand alone, interweaving them into Emma’s storyline was nice. That allowed me to connect with them and feel their struggles, hope, and fears concerning their part in Emma’s journey.

While the overall theme is Emma’s discovery of herself and her purpose, the underlying themes of friendship and loyalty was a welcome addition.

The scriptures introducing each chapter coincided well with the chapter’s story.

The use of the gift of light intrigued me. The light does have science fiction elements but never strays out of the overall Christian theme. The story uses the light creatively while reinforcing the importance of receiving God’s gifts for you.

The writer drew me into the story to the point that I didn’t want to stop reading. I eagerly await the next book!

Review by Emmanuel Jeremiah of Children of Light, Book 1 – Into the Light.

Originally reviewed on Goodreads.

“Wow! What an amazing read. Thanks to the author who gave me a copy of her book for an honest review.

“Children of light” is a Christ-centered plot with a touch of romance that keeps you wanting for more. Emma, the lead character, exemplifies some of our struggles as Christians. She is blessed with tremendous gifts from God but afraid to use them. She considered it a curse, but with the help of Levi and her beloved Kaiden she was able to serve God with her gifts, fulfilling God’s purpose for her life.

The author begins each chapter with verses from the scripture. That is fascinating. Through her well-crafted story, the author depicted the constant battle that exists between light and darkness, and God has equipped us with every spiritual gift we need to overcome. We need to discover God’s purpose for our lives and use our gifts to fulfill His purpose. Though there will be constant opposition from the enemy, victory is sure.
I highly recommend this book. I enjoyed the reading. You, too, will find this book fascinating. Go for it.”

In the Shadows, Children of Light, Reviews

Reviews of Children of Light – Book 2 – In the Shadows

 By Virginia Henderson

 ***I received a complimentary PDF copy in exchange for an honest review*** 

A few years ago I found this quote, “The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book.” This statement has stuck with me and I believe Jana Smith has succeeded when it comes to leaving the reader wanting more. The final cliffhanger, while a tad bit abrupt, is simply genius.

This book picks up directly where book 1 left us. The transition between the two books flowed nicely and was easy to follow.

The Christian themes and messages were once again eye-opening and profound. They took a slightly darker mood in this book, which I felt was very appropriate what with the journey into the Shadow-Lands. Themes included, sin taking you further than you ever planned to go, being a light in the darkness (looking at you, Emma), God’s mercy and protection and good vs evil. 

The characters! Emma, Kaiden, Levi- I really enjoyed returning to their world. And Grayson. Let me tell you, I found his character surprisingly pleasant and likable. Not at all what I expected at first. Hana’s part was brief and a good chunk of it was spent deviling into the history of the rapture with Levi. To be honest, I kinda lost interest during those parts because they were slower paced. Nester’s character was evil and naïve when it came to his dealings with the “Master.” 

To me, The Shadow-Lands seemed like a mix between a desolate and decaying desert-like setting and something out of the Arabian Nights (with the Shaheen and all) It was interesting to see and compare the different lands. 

Overall, an enjoyable read! My favorite of the series so far is the first book but this was a much needed addition. I feel this one was more action/plot driven. I’m more than ready for the next installment! Thank you, Jana, for sending me a copy! 🙂

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