Orphan Lights - the third book of the
Children of Light series


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Orphan Lights – the third book of the Children of Light series, continues to follow Emma as she seeks to figure out God’s plan for her life and surrender her will to God. Surrender is the recurring theme of the third book of the Children of Light series.

Danger is Increasing

War is certain if not imminent. The Darkness is growing stronger. Yet Light prevails in a post-rapture and post-apocalyptic world. Emma is a White-Light whose gifts make her unique while putting her in grave danger. When in a moment born of desperation, Emma kills the ShadowLand’s premier military strategist, the secret of her identity as the killer is born. But revealing the truth may put Emma’s life in much greater danger than just being a White-Light.

God’s Provision in a Time of Need

Having learned of an attack upon the Children of Light, the Light-Warriors are scrambling to determine the validity and timing of such an attack, in hopes of preventing it. Can Kaiden do both, protect Emma, his Light-Partner and soon-to-be wife, and prevent the attack? God is at work when two unlikely heroes come to the Light Bearers’ aid, and the odds of their success improve.

Can Emma protect the precious little gifts of God that have come under her care? Will her sacrifice be sufficient to save them?

Hate and Fear Can Consume 

Meanwhile, in the Shadow-Lands… Hate is a powerful tool and a dangerous weapon that leads to disaster, yet it is all Nestor has and clings to. He sees Emma as his one resource to attain the greatness he desires and the instrument of his revenge. For the Master, fear is one weapon that he wields without mercy. Yet, he lives in its grip. He has foreseen his death, but he believes he knows how to prevent it. All he needs is a White-Light to protect him. He must have her at all costs.

Can Emma and Kaiden Overcome?

As the world is on course for another war, most people are oblivious to the threat. Can Emma, Kaiden, and the Light team, along with their compatriots, prevent the war, or in failing will they sentence the Children of Light to death?

Summary of Book 3 In a nutshell:

Orphan Lights is the third book of the Children of Light series. It continues to follow Emma, Kaiden, and Levi, plus a new cast of characters, some of whom you’ve already met in the preceding books.

Deacon – a type of orphan light

First, there is Deacon, the man responsible for causing Nonie’s illness. However, since he’s had a change of heart, and no longer wants to serve Nestor, he’s chosen to align himself with the Light-Warriors. But can he overcome the demons that continually pursue him? Finally, he must decide to seek God’s forgiveness. The problem is that he’s not certain he is worthy of it.


Then there is Colleen, Connor’s sister. She, along with her mum, runs a unique orphanage on the Scottish Isle of Skye, which is part of the Northern Leonine Archaeon. Meanwhile, this orphanage will need some extra help. Specifically help from Sophia and Bennis, whom you also met in the second book. These two are uniquely qualified to help at the orphanage.

Nestor and the Master… ever-present adversaries

Furthermore, Nestor continues to be a threat to Emma. He persists in his pursuit of her, so she can become the weapon he so desperately needs.

Finally, there is the Master, in his quest of wanting to control the entire planet and eliminate all the Light-bearers. 

I hope you will enjoy reading this book. If you have read it, I would appreciate a review, or even a note from you, and your perception of the book and it’s message.



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