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Into the Light – is the first book of the Children of Light Series

Into the Light, is a faith-based, Christian, speculative fiction, clean romance novel. It takes place seventy years after the Rapture and ensuing apocalypse. The series follows the lives of Emma, Kaiden, Levi, and Grayson as they seek to carry out God’s will. Join them as they strive to save the world from a dark enemy. An enemy that threatens to eradicate God’s Light and consume the world in shadow and darkness.


Emma’s Gift of Light – A Blessing or a Curse?

Having the gift of Light is an honor and a blessing, except for Emma. Although Emma has the gift, she considers it both worthless and a curse. In addition, she must hide it and never reveal she has the gift. However, when the life of her adoptive mother hangs in the balance, Emma is faced with a life-or-death decision. In the end, her decision to save Cassie, her adoptive mother, rather than protect her own true identity, is a threat to her life. This selfless act throws Emma’s life into turmoil and hurtles her from safety and security into the unknown and at the mercy of others.


In the meantime, Levi is a retired Light-Warrior and trainer, who grudgingly serves as the Thirteenth Elder. Since he has been a widower for many years, all he wants is to be left alone, to tend to his herb garden and medicines. However, when the Elders of the Council reject an untrained White-Light for training, their decision forces Levi to act or risk leaving her exposed and open to exploitation.


Kaiden is a Light-Warrior and the leader of the Elite Team, a group of highly trained and extraordinarily skilled warriors. At thirty-four, he has but a year left in which to receive a Light  Partner. Without her, his capacity as both a warrior and leader is threatened. However, when an angelic messenger tells him his Light partner is on her way, his excitement is clouded by preconceptions of what that means. The Angel also warns Kaiden that he must protect her for she will face grave danger. Yet, despite the angel’s message and warning, he is blinded by man’s rules and he fails to see God at work.

So, Emma, Levi, and Kaiden find themselves in a post-rapture, post-apocalyptic world on the brink of war. Although it is a war everyone knows is coming, they are desperate to avoid it.

A Dark Enemy

Finally, what is a story about God’s Light without a dark enemy? A dark enemy who is lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Will Emma, Kaiden, and Levi be able to overcome their limitations and preconceptions to follow God’s plan? Or will they fail and succumb to the threatening darkness?

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