Gabby's Journal

The 6th and final book of the exciting Children of Light Series

Gabby’s journal concludes the Children of Light series but in the form of a prequel.

Here, we follow Gabby, or as she is known in the series, Granny. This is the journal she kept, and which was later given to Emma. Light is shed on Granny’s life, and understanding dawns.


The Unthinkable

When the unthinkable happened, she was lost. When the unbelievable happened, she refused to believe it until there were no other options. She needed confirmation when the answer became obvious, but those she trusted were gone. Gabby awoke on a Sunday morning to a world foreign to her. A world where common sense was gone, where fictional fancy was reality, and where she was all alone.

The Journal

In a moment of desperation when searching for an explanation, she stumbled upon her mother’s stash of empty journals. Journals she would never use, which would not sit and collect dust. She fingered the biggest and most precious one. It had a purpose. Her mom was going to use it to record their family history. Now, only Gabby would have any history. Taking the journal, she wrote her first entry.

Sixty Years of Joy and Sorrow

It took over sixty years to complete, but Gabby finished her journal. Sixty years of joys and sorrows, all recorded in a single book. Sixty years of experience and knowledge. Sixty years of exploring the Word of God to understand what happened and what will happen. She needed to be prepared, and not miss her last opportunity for forgiveness and to see her family again.

Gabby’s Journal – is Passing on Knowledge

She knew the end was coming. Seven years. She had to survive seven years. Well, they were wrong. Why was God taking so long? Would the end truly come? It took years, but finally, she understood. God was giving them a chance. A second chance. He was patient. Well, so was she. It’s an opportunity to teach and possibly, save a generation.

Second Chances are to be Used

This journal would inform the rest of Emma’s life on earth. Granny’s purpose is set. Using her journal, Granny sets out to prepare Emma not only to survive but to save as many people as possible. God gave her a second chance, and she would use every moment of it.  The journal would be Emma’s template, the Bible, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit, her guide. 

The end is near, but hope rises.

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