Children of Light – Book 4 – Hidden People

Hidden People, Children of Light

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Freedom always has a price

Freedom has a price, but can he pay it? Can he find it in himself to surrender to God’s will and follow His leading? Grayson, a tarnished Light-Warrior, has never kept a promise in his life… until now. He’s fulfilled the first promise – to keep Emma safe. But to keep his second promise, he must rescue the Eleos and their leader Rae. As his feelings for Rae grow, will he surrender his standing as a Light-Warrior to have the woman he loves? Will he be willing to give his life so she may live?

The Eleos – People of Mercy

The Eleos, a group of Christian believers, have hidden inside a mountain stronghold for many years. It is the place where Tarik, a Shadow-Forces soldier, brought his pregnant wife and daughters. The world he knows has changed, and he needs to keep them safe from the insanity that his world has become. To protect his family, he volunteers to help ensure the Eleos Exodus plan becomes a reality. Now he must return to serve the Emissary, a man he despises.

The Emissary of Doom

Nestor, the Emissary, is determined to re-capture his son Grayson and White-Light Emma. They are his means to greatness. Together, he believes, the two are the perfect and most powerful weapon on earth. But Grayson has disappeared, and Nestor’s scouts haven’t found him.

When All is Lost

Can Grayson rescue those he loves without sacrificing himself or surrendering to his father? Can Tarik, with his newfound faith, ensure the Eleos have what they need to escape? Can he remain to serve as a spy in the Shadow-Lands forces and not lose his life? Will the Eleos carry out their Exodus before they are discovered and killed? Catastrophe looms and time is running out!

Fight the Encroaching Darkness

The Children of Light is a Christian fiction series and is intended for fans of Jamie Lee Gray’s books. Buy now to continue exploring the exciting and thrilling saga of the Children of Light as they fight the encroaching Darkness.

NOTE about BOOK 4 –  Hidden People

This book takes place during the same timeframe as Book 3 – The Orphan Lights. In Book 3, we followed the continuing story of Emma and Kaiden, and her quest to figure out God’s will for her life. Just as Emma had to surrender to God’s will, so does Grayson. 

So, in Book 4 – Hidden People, we follow Grayson, who also needs to figure out what it is God wants him to do. Such a task is rarely easy. Grayson, like us, makes mistakes, and incorrect assumptions, and is often led by less-than-divine motivations.

The Children of Light – Book 4 – Hidden People

This is the fourth of the five-book Children of Light Series, and it focuses on Grayson, a tarnished Light Warrior who has to figure out who he is and who he wants to be. He finds himself torn between the shadow and the light. As a Light Warrior, he knows his role is to protect the weak and innocent at all costs, but his norm has been to look out for himself first. Until recently, his life goal has been to attain a high-ranking position and to lead the Elite Team of warriors.

Whose Goal Is IT?

But, is it his goal or that of his father? When his father, Elder Nestor, betrays his people and chooses to serve the Master of the ShadowLands, Grayson has to examine himself and his life’s goals. What does he truly want? Where does his heart lie but most importantly where does his service to God lie?

Choices Before Grayson

After his rescue from the clutches of his father, he is back in the safety of the City and has two choices before him. One is to continue to follow the status quo and pursue his career goals, and the other is to fulfill the promise he made to Rae and her people the Eleos. Having never followed through with a promise in his life, he questions his ability to do so now. But, if he wants to break away from the shadow of his father and be his own man, one who can be trusted, he must change. He must surrender his will to that of God.

Who are the Hidden People?

The Eleos, or the People of Mercy, are the Hidden People of the ShadowLands. They are a group of Christian believers, who have lived and hidden in a complex cave system that they engineered over thirty years. They hide because the Christian faith is no longer welcomed or accepted. The Master, who is the supreme leader of the ShadowLands, has decided to eliminate all Christian believers, calling them the Lost. His hate for them grows ever stronger and spurs him on to greater acts of inhumanity.

Can Grayson Overcome?

War is certain if not imminent. The Darkness is growing stronger. Yet Light prevails in a post-rapture and post-apocalyptic world. Can Grayson change his ways and become a man after God’s heart? Can he fulfill his promise to the Eleos and save them, or will his efforts cost him his life and the life of the only person left who loves him?

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