In the Shadows 

  is a continuation of Emma’s story.

Children of Light – Book 2 

In the Shadows – Emma finds herself captured and trapped in the Shadowlands, in the hands of her enemy, forced to trust his son.

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To purchase on, click above book.

Emma’s story continues – In the Shadows

In the second installment of the Children of Light series, In the Shadows, a spur-of-the-moment response of a rejected heart hurtles Emma into the hands of her enemy. An enemy who wants to use her gift of Light for his own purposes. Of course, wasn’t this the very thing her Granny warned her about?

Captured and trapped in the Shadowlands, Emma finds herself imprisoned and forced to face a new truth about her family. It is a life-altering truth that may force her to surrender and irrevocably change the path of her life. However, can she bring herself to trust Grayson, the son of her enemy, to save them both, or will he betray her, trapping her forever in the shadows?


Kaiden, desperate to find and bring Emma home to restore their shattered relationship, works to establish their Light-Partner mind-link connection, therefore, solidifying their union. However, this is the one connection that Emma is reluctant to establish. Will he be able to convince Emma of the depth of his love for her? If not, will he, as a consequence, lose both the love of his life and his ability to remain a Light-Warrior?

An attack plan

A secret plan of attack against the Archaeons is held in the hands of a young woman named Hana, whose only desire is to save her unborn babies. In the end, will Levi be able to save Hana, her babies, and the Archaeons from the Master’s plans to subjugate the whole Earth under his rule? Or will the Master win?

Christian, futuristic, and speculative end-times story

Follow the continuing faith-based, clean, Christian futuristic, and speculative end-times story of Emma, Kaiden, Levi, and now Grayson and Hana, who find themselves seventy years after the rapture in a post-apocalyptic world. A world divided into Light and Shadow and on the brink of war. Who will be the victor… Light or Darkness?

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