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Children of Light is a series of Christian, End-times, futuristic, and speculative fiction books, which take place seventy years after the Rapture and before the Tribulation. Although most people believe the Tribulation period of seven years will come immediately after the rapture, the Bible does not specify the timeframe. However, it specifies that which must take place before the Tribulation starts.

For instance, Israel will need seven years to burn enemy weapons after its unprecedented victory. Since these weapons are required to be burned by the middle of the Tribulation, there is a period between the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation. How much time God does not say, and therefore, is open to interpretation?

Literary License

Jana takes literary and artistic license and poses the idea that the time between the Rapture and Tribulation is much longer. The result is a world in some ways different from the one we know, but often very similar.

The Children of Light world has a society that recovered from the aftermath of the Rapture and the ensuing apocalyptic world war. A war and recovery that left scars. It is a world that is divided by faith, one of light and the other of its absence.

Gift of Light

In the Children of Light – Light is a gift from God.  A gift given to a few individuals, and is used against the forces of Darkness that threaten to overwhelm the world. For instance, the gift of Light presents as Light globes that the bearer can form and use. Significantly, these individuals are given a responsibility to use their gifts to protect the new remnant of Christians that have arisen since the Rapture. However, accepting that responsibility is often difficult, and some fight against it.

Meanwhile, others do all they can to bring about the last events that will initiate the last seven years which are the Tribulation period. While others want to rule the world for an eternity. Their goal is to prevent Christ’s return. They believe by removing all believers, they will accomplish that which they seek, eternal world dominion.

Light and Shadow

In the series, the world is divided into the lands of Light and Shadow. While the Light lands are called Archaeons, they are ruled by councils of Christian Elders. Concurrently, all the Shadowlands are under the OneWorld government and the Master’s control. A Master who hates believers.

As the power of the OneWorld government grows, its Leader, who demands to be called Master, seeks to overtake all Light Lands and rid the world of all Light Bearers and believers.

It is for this reason, a war is brewing. Because of this, both the Archaeons and OneWorld are preparing for what is coming. While the Archaeons are training their Light-Warrior teams, OneWorld is creating more and more Salim warriors with their Satanic Dark Matter weapons and Shadow Warriors.

The Final War

This war will be the ultimate war that triggers the Tribulation Period and brings the series to its end.

Series reading order

The Children of Light series has several characters that are woven throughout the books, yet each book is unique and can stand on its own. However, reading them in order will give the reader a better, more satisfying experience.

It is important to note, that books 3 and 4 take place at the same time, they are concurrent. Book 3 follows Emma and Book 4 follows GraysonBook 5, Sorrow and Joy, concludes the series, and needs to be read last.

Update: February 2024

But, now, a prequel is coming which both sets the tone for the series, but also answers the many unanswered questions of the series. This prequel is called Gabby’s Journal. and should be out sometime this summer.

In Gabby’s Journal, you will learn about her Granny, how she came to care for Emma, and the choices she made on her behalf. Choices that brought both sorrow and joy into their lives.

So, Emma’s story is not over… at least not yet. She may have yet another role to play, to fulfill God’s purpose.

We exist to exhibit God, to display His glory. We serve as canvases for his brush stroke, papers for his pen, soil for his seeds, glimpses of his image.”      Max Lucado

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