Alice Childs, an exciting and masterful End-Times author of ‘Seven’

Alice Childs, In Her Own Words, talks about her writing and her book Seven. Hello! I’d like to thank Jana for inviting me to share my story in her blog. I’m a Christian author. My name is Alice Childs. I was born and raised in the Piedmont region of South Carolina. I’m in my 60’s and am the daughter of a Southern Baptist minister. I have been a contributing writer for the world’s largest end times prophecy website, for the past eight years. I have also had articles published in Prophecy Update. As well, I have written numerous Bible/teaching commentaries for multiple church and Bible school programs, Bible studies, and Facebook Bible study groups.

Passion for Writing

I have loved writing since childhood. In addition to homeschooling my youngest granddaughter and writing my novels, I also enjoy writing personal poetry, prose, and short stories, many of them for and about my family and my five grandchildren who are the absolute joys of my heart. I publish these in my personal online diary, Alice Light and Dark, and in my Facebook writer’s group From The Writer’s Desk.

I am the mother of two children Kristen and Mitchell, and the proud grandmother of Byllie, Carter, Lilly, Izzy, and Grant.

I have the unique honor and blessing of living in a multi-generational home with my husband David, our son Mitch and daughter-in-love Sarah, and their two girls Byllie and Izzy. Sharing our home with us are our three dogs: Jett, Orson, and Luna.

Overcoming Challenges

I was born visually impaired. After my already limited eyesight further deteriorated in the early 2000s, I was blessed to be partnered for 11 wonderful years with Gage, a stunningly beautiful highly intelligent yellow Labrador Retriever. Gage was my eyes and my loyal guide until his death in 2014. Because of my visual issues, I write all of my material on my cell phone. 

Over the past year, I have written and published two novels in the genre of post rapture end times Christian fiction, both published by Writer’s Republic. My first novel SEVEN A Story Of Things To Come debuted in May of 2021 and my second, STRONG DELUSION, in September of 2021. I am currently working on my third novel in the same genre of Christian end-times focused literature, Souls Under The Altar: The Tribulation Chronicles which I hope to have finished by the end of this year, Lord willing.

Here is a short Synopsis of my current books.

“When the impossible to believe becomes impossible to ignore…”

SEVEN: A Story Of Things To Come by author Alice Johnson Childs is a 4 5-5 ⭐ rated novel that has been described by readers as “riveting” “masterful,” “intense,” “un-put-downable,” and a “worthy saga.” SEVEN is a stand-alone book that is a sweeping epic in the vein of the mega-bestselling Left Behind series. If you enjoyed the Left Behind series, you’ll love SEVEN: A Story Of Things To Come.


That They may believe a lie…”

STRONG DELUSION is a captivating, unsettling, at times intensely disturbing fiction novel that takes a close look into the supernaturally demonic incursion that is entrenched within all cultures. In STRONG DELUSION, the author lifts the veil between the temporal world of humanity and the unseen invisible world of the spirit realm to expose a supernatural agenda that has been in preparation for eons – an insidious demonically evil agenda that is approaching its climax as this world nears the end of the Church Age. For readers who enjoyed the supernatural spiritual warfare novels of author Frank Peretti, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness, you will find STRONG DELUSION equally thrilling, unsettling, fascinating, and eye-opening. “This book will make you tremble.”

Thank you, Alice for your story. May God bless you with all your writing.


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Both books are available in print and digital formats through Writer’s Republic, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all online book retailers. To order you may call Writer’s Republic at 1-877-656-6838 or visit my author’s website at

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