Grayson A Love / Hate Relationship

Grayson, Into the Light, of Children of Light Series.


As I wrote the first draft of Children of Light, new characters, like Grayson, came out of the woodwork. Some, I planned, as they had significant roles. Others just appeared. I find it amazing how so many had a voice of their own, a voice that needed to be heard. One particular character I threw in on a whim. He was a spoiled brat who’d had the world handed to him on a silver platter. He believed the world owed him just because he was born. He had no work ethic, not even a bad one. Yet, he persisted. He insisted on being heard. He had a voice I could not ignore.

Grayson was a battle I fought and lost

I fought to give Grayson more than the three seconds of fame he deserved and resisted for as long as I could. But, in the end, he won. He is a character I began by disliking very much. His first impression was of laziness. But, as he emerged from the pages, I grew to appreciate and yes, even like him. So much so, that book 4 of Children of Light, is with him as the protagonist.

Book four will be titled Hidden People, (Get it? Hidden People… the true character of a person can be hidden). The book is largely about him! I can assure you, I did not plan that. Yet, I think it is worth the effort. I rarely write with a male as the protagonist – the main lead character. Why? Because as a woman, I’m not sure I can think and respond like a man. So, this will be an interesting and challenging exercise.

Grayson – I grew to like him

By now, if you have read at least book one, you know Grayson. We are first introduced to him as is huffing and puffing during the Pairing Ceremony. Kaiden, who is the lead Light Warrior, has nothing but disdain for him. We don’t learn anything more about him until we read about his interaction with his father, Nestor, and their strained relationship. Finally, in book one, he is the one who is instrumental in launching Emma into the Shadows, in book two.

We learn more about Grayson in book two. My initial impression of him was right on the money. He’d had much handed to him and had little to do with his advancement thus far. He was a Light Warrior and the leader of his team, a position he had not earned. But we learn that he’d been bucking against his gold and silver bridal for some time. He longed to break free and be his own man.

Truth Can Be Painful

Grayson gets that opportunity when he learns who his father has become, but more importantly, when he is faced with two options regarding Emma. He can follow his father’s leading and force a pairing between himself and a White Light, which would open before to unimagined doors; or become the Light Warrior he had played at for years.

Helen Keller wrote that one’s character is not developed through ease and quiet, but through the experience of hardship and suffering (yes I am paraphrasing). This is where Grayson comes from, and who he is and becomes. His life of ease is exchanged for a life of hardship, yet he becomes alive through it. He becomes himself and grows in his faith.



Referenced Quote

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Helen Keller Gray

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