Remain Firm in Your Faith – steadfast, strong

Remain Firm in Your Faith

1 Corinthians 1:8
He will also keep you firm to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Faith, as the End of Time approaches, we must remain firm and unwavering. The craziness of the world and the changes in morals, social norms, and what the world calls truth, will challenge us. Unbelieving friends may try to sway us from the truth and change what we believe. We need to hold firm to the truth of God.


FAITH asks that you be a light in the world. In a world of darkness, be a ray of light… bringer of God’s truth. 

We are given the opportunity to share our faith multiple times a day, but do we? I’ve struggled with that most of my Christian life. I usually realized I missed an opportunity after it had passed. 

How do we share our faith? I’m learning its in our daily walk. Being kind to those around us, saying kind, uplifting things to people, being positive instead of complaining. Helping those in need.  Seeing the world as a mission field, rather than a place where all your wants are met. Look to others, rather than just yourself. Smiles and kindness are contagious.

The Faith Struggle Is Real

I still struggle with it, but God knows my shortcomings and is helping me get better at it. He’s giving me opportunities, and I am actively trying to recognize them and respond.

The hardest thing is to recognize the opportunity, accept that it is from God, and then, in submission to God’s will, respond.

We all have gifts, God-given gifts, that we need to use. We have them for a purpose, so let’s fulfill that purpose.

Trust God and He will transform your life.



PS. If you are interested, the pursuit of purpose and struggle is the theme of my Children of Light series. Check it out here.

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