Children of Light - Christian, End-Times, Speculative fiction
with a hint of Romance

Have you ever wondered what the end-times will be like?


Who will be there and who will be spared?


What does a world without the Holy Spirit restraining evil look like?

Children of Light Series by Jana Smith

Children of Light is a series of Christian, End-times, speculative fiction books, which take place seventy years after the rapture and before the Tribulation. Although most people believe the Tribulation period of seven years will come immediately after the rapture, the Bible does not specify the timeframe, but simply states that which must take place before it starts, such as Israel taking seven years to burn enemy weapons.

Literary License

The author takes literary license, and poses the idea that the time between the Rapture and Tribulation is much longer, and creates a world very different from the one we know, but often very similar.

Gift of Light

Light is a gift from God, given to a few individuals, to fight the forces of darkness that threaten to overwhelm this post-apocalyptic world. These individuals are given the responsibility to use their gifts to protect the new harvest of Christians that have arisen since the Rapture. Accepting this responsibility is often difficult, and some fight against it. Others do all they can to bring about the last events that will start the last seven years, which are the Tribulation period.

Light and Shadow

The world is divided into the lands of Light and Shadow. The Light Lands are called Archaeons, and all the Shadowlands belong to OneWorld. As the power of the OneWorld government grows, it seeks to overtake all Light Lands. Therefore, a war is brewing.

Both the Archaeons and OneWorld are preparing for what is coming. Archaeons are training their Light-Warrior teams, while OneWorld is creating more and more Salim with their Dark Matter weapons and Shadow Warriors.

The Final War

This war will be the war that triggers the Tribulation Period. 

Children of Light – Book 1 – Into the Light

When a selfless act of kindness and mercy reveals Emma’s long-hidden and guarded secret, it throws her life into turmoil. 

A gift of Light is highly sought after and regarded as a blessing, but not by Emma. She considers it a curse and sees herself as a monster.

But, there are those who want to control her gift, while others who want to help her use it for the purpose God had intended. A divine purpose of saving the Children of Light.

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Children of Light – Book 2 – In the Shadows

A spur-of-the-moment response of a rejected heart hurtles Emma into the hands of her enemy. An enemy who wants to use her gift of Light for his own purposes. 

Captured and trapped in the Shadowlands, Emma finds herself imprisoned and forced to face a new truth about her family.

A life-altering truth that may force her to surrender and irrevocably change the course of her life. 

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