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Nancy Jo Wilson

Nancy Jo Wilson wrote her first short story in second grade and continued writing throughout her childhood. In high school, she wrote for the teen section of the local newspaper and received a writing scholarship from the state of Tennessee. Now, she tries to balance homeschooling, ministry, and writing. She wrote her first novel Escape the Amoz at the request of her oldest son, who wanted an allegory with aliens, lasers, and flying cars. 

She also received an honorable mention in the spiritual/inspiration category of the 2021 Writer’s Digest Competition. Her current novel Lost in the System launched in September 2021 and explores what happens when a snarky conman comes face to face with a holy God. A Jacksonville, FL native, Nancy Jo currently resides in Thomaston, GA with her husband, younger son, dog, and two cats. 

Escape the Amoz


Pride turns to anguish as fourteen-year-old Caleb GoodArcher witnesses his father’s unjust arrest. On that horrible day, Caleb discovers the true oppressive nature of the relationship between the technologically superior Amoz and his people, the Kinz. During the next three years, the Amoz grip tightens as the planet drifts out of its orbit. Dooming it, and its inhabitants, to a never-ending winter.  

The mysterious OneCorp offers an escape, but Caleb must deliver his people from the Amoz grip before they can flee. He struggles to free the Kinz while fighting opposition from without and from within his own community. Who would follow a criminal’s son? With his best friends, his family, and some sympathetic Amoz, Caleb fights for the lives of all the Kinz. 

Caleb needs to rescue his people from their dying planet—but they have to escape the Amoz first.   

Lost in the System

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Smullian O’Toole, grifter, enjoys serving his prison term. Other than the daily upchucking, Life Modification Therapy is the sweetest bid twenty-fourth century Earth offers. He daily biotransposes, or brainhitches, in a different twenty-first century person in order to learn the value of honest labor. On day 777, he hears a disembodied voice utter, “Father to the Fatherless.” Thus, begins the mother of all system glitches. Life Mod policies are shattered, and Smullian is thrust into the case of missing fifteen-year-old orphan David Hawthorne.  

Smullian realizes the glitch shows purpose and design. Someone, maybe the Father to the Fatherless, controls the situation. Each new host forces Smullian to confront his own inner demons, as well as pointing him to David. What initially seems like the clear-cut case of a runaway, grows more ominous with every clue. Smullian knows he’s not the hero type. But he’s all David has.  


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