Story of Jana Smith, Author of the Children of Light Series.

I suppose my story starts with my name – Jana Smith, and I am the author of the Children of Light Series. Set of five faith-based(soon to be six), Christian, futuristic, and speculative fiction novels, with a hint of romance, which takes place after the rapture, but before the start of the tribulation.

Giving voice to my stories – through the Children of Light Series

I am a fledgling author striving to give voice to the stories that flourish in my imagination and have been rummaging around for many years. Well, it is finally time to let them out. With a BSc and a Master’s degree, my working life focused on science and medical research, yet the stories persisted. However, for years, I would snatch a few minutes here and there during my breaks to jot down notes, write short stories or even a page or two of a chapter. Finally, all those scribbles grew into books. Therefore, I am grateful to God for this journey He is taking me on. Every day is fresh and new.

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What stirs my imagination?

Today, my imagination is stirred by the beauty of God’s creation around me, His love towards his creation, and desire to show it to the world. Consequently, my best ideas come when I am sitting or walking in parks, on the beach, or staring into the flames of a fire, or while exploring the world through the lens of a camera.

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. As a result, I cannot go for a walk without a camera over my shoulder. Therefore, all I see stirs my imagination. (I have included a small gallery of some of my photos. Check it out.) Generally, that’s when the best ideas come when I’ve disconnected from the demands of the world. At the same time, it’s when new stories are born, existing stories are reformed, or old ones are revised.

Created by: Jana Smith, Author of Children of Light Series

Gift of time – enables my story.

Through retirement, God has given me a new opportunity and a gift… the gift of Time. As a working mom, time was a precious commodity, and writing came last. However, when one is retired, if managed properly, time becomes an opportunity. Therefore, I have the ability to use it. I now have to…

  • Dust off and revisit the stories already written, exposing them to the light of day, or
  • Develop and record new ones that are still in their embryonic stage. Therefore, it is time to embark on something new.
  • But, most importantly, the time to share.

A story of Hope, faith, and eternity.

My husband and I live in South-Western Ontario, in the home my father built. It is a place of peace and serenity, a place of reflection and contemplation. Therefore, I pray that my faith in God is reflected in my stories. I pray the stories to speak to the heart of my readers. In short, my stories are a place where hope has to abound, faith has a central meaning, and eternity is at hand.

A journey of discovery- as an author of the Children of Light Series.

My fictional and speculative Children of Light books focus on a journey of discovery. Discovery of one’s ability to survive, despite the odds, the discovery of one’s faith, discovery of God’s provision and protection, or simply of one’s strength.

Writing fiction grants me the luxury of discovering the what if’s of life and pursuing them to an end of their own. Often, I have fun creating the outcomes, but most of the time, I don’t know how things will happen until I write them down. Therefore, I hope that you, the readers of my stories, will enjoy a moment of joy, laughter, reflection, or possibly of discovery of your own.

You can check out my blog, called Jana’s Gleanings… it captures the small snippets of information, knowledge, or simple ah-ha moments gleaned as a writer, researcher, and author. Here’s the link: Jana’s Blog.



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Created by: Jana Smith, Author of Children of Light Series
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