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The original idea for COL Newsletter-blog; Idolatry; Children of Light series

Idols and Idolatry, not Adultery

Idolatry is not adultery. Adultery is betrayal of one’s spouse through voluntary intercourse with another person.

Idolatry is betrayal of God through your devotion to anything you hold in higher esteem than God. 

Yes, both are rather cursive definitions, but I hope they get my point across. They are different, yet, weirdly similar. They are betrayals. (See previous blog)

Ephesians 5:8
For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.

As idolaters (see previous posting) we live in darkness, often unaware of our state… our status. We are prisoners of worldly ways and thinking. But, we may not be aware of our situation. With awareness, come understanding and a desire to change.

We need hope.

That hope comes in the person of Jesus Christ, who is light, the bringer of light, and our rescuer. His light, which is truth, overcomes the darkness and frees us from our prison.

John 1:5
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Enough of the analogies. What does all this mean for me? How does it apply to my daily life?

I use the analogy of light in my Children of Light series. As above, light represents God’s truth. The truth I want to cover, is how even as followers of Christ, we can allow for things of darkness to seep in. In my care, I discovered that I had fallen for a worldly lie and allowed it to become an idol in my life.

Personal Testimony

When I started writing again, it was because I believed that God led me to do it. It was because I believed God has given me a gift and granted me a desire of my heart. As I said before, I’ve always wanted to write, and now I had the opportunity.

So, I wrote… and wrote… and wrote. But, I had no formal training and wasn’t sure what all went into a book. How to make sure the plot lines worked, what beats were, or scenes, or the many other components of a good book. So, I started an 18 month learning process. During that time, I started reading as much as I could, not only about book writing, but editing, publication, and marketing.

All seemed good things to learn. However, this is where my ‘problem’ arose. I began to follow and try to do what was suggested for an ‘indie author’. That is someone who published independently. It means the author does every aspect of book publication not only writing, but editing, publishing and marketing. In the end, the entire process ‘ate me up’. I became totally focused on it all.

I had an IDOL.

It became my idol. I was constantly checking how the books were doing. Thinking up new marketing strategies. Designing and improving book covers. Building and improving my website, growing an email list and so on.

I can’t put my finger on one specific thing, but it all crept up on me. Slowly. Insidiously. Surreptitiously. I constantly checked my Amazon site, book performance, page reads, reviews, star ratings and so on. Then, of course, I had a Facebook and Instagram accounts to build and maintain, and a website to create and maintain.

In the end, I was caught in a constant whirlwind of ‘book status’ checking, updates, and so on. It had become an idol for me.

It also caused me to step away from the writing, the very thing God had gifted me with with. The very thing I had a passion for. It’s not what I wanted, but felt I had to do all those other things to get the books out there. It’s what we are ‘told’ to do, by those in the know.

Stepping Back

So, I’ve had to step back. Fortunately, the website is up and running, I just post once every couple of weeks. I’ve stepped away from building an e-mail list as it was just too overwhelming. I will get back to it, but only after I’ve made first things first, that that is God.

I’m putting Him first now. I listen to His guidance. Sure sometimes His voice is so quiet that I don’t hear. I may do the wrong thing, but He is bigger than all of my mistakes. I will seek Him first and then do that which he places before me. It has been the ability to write, so I will continue until the door closes.

I trust God, for He has transformed my life.

Trust him too.


9 thoughts on “A Revelation of Idolatry – free, hope, peace”

  1. Thank you for sharing so honestly – and it is the slowly, insidiously, and surreptitiously that gets us! The enemy is often so subtle to take God’s gift and reshape it into an idol. God bless you for submitting your gift back to Him.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It is hard not to get caught up in the numbers and what others say you must do. Your article helped me tremendously as I wrestle to hear from God what to take off my plate so I can do what God wants. You are so right; it is easy to become idolaters. It is all in God’s timing and calling.

    1. AMEN! That is where my heart is right now. Listening to God and his guidance for me and my writing. I know He has a plan for it, and that gives me comfort and encouragement. Blessings, Jana

    1. I agree. I initially tried to traditionally publish, but it was an all consuming effort, and since I write for a small niche, I too gave up. It really is all about establishing a good balance. Blessings,Jana

  3. There is a true tension with blogging, writing, and social media use. I often want to completely disconnect from it as some of my friends have…..but then I realize there’s such ministry opportunity there and I keep going. But then….. the notifications and the emails and the pings. … it’s so much! Thank you for so honestly talking about what many of us wrestle with in our writing ministries!

  4. This is powerful, Jana. It definitely speaks to where I’ve been on the writing journey in the past. I have to check my heart OFTEN to ensure I’m not making an idol of self on this journey. Thank you for sharing these words and prompting me to check my heart yet again! You are a gift to me!

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