A Character that Surprises: Emma, Courage, Love and Hope


Emma was a character I began writing the Children of Light book, to be a supporting role and the protagonist’s love interest. Emma’s original name was Sarai. She was going to be Kaiden’s love, whom I planned to be the focus of my book. Why? Because my initial idea for the book, the thing that started this entire adventure, was the Pairing Ceremony, and the lead Warrior.
But, as I mentioned earlier, I struggle with having the protagonist be a male, as I’m not sure I’m a strong enough writer to write from that perspective. Time will tell, however, as Book 4 has Grayson as the protagonist, and I’m sure the readers will let me know if it fell flat or rose to the occasion.


Back to Emma. By the time I finished the first chapter, I knew she had to be the protagonist. She had a voice I could associate with. (Every author has a piece of themselves in their protagonists… it’s how we wish the world saw us.) I sensed that despite her doubts and fears, there was a core of steel. She loved her family sacrificially. She dreamed of being more, but the lies she’d been taught held her back. It is the act of overcoming those lies, no matter what the reason for them, that forms her character.
Imagine, being told that a precious gift, is a curse and that you have it. Then, imagine learning to use a piece of that gift in secret, and doing good with it, and having to hide it. But despite what you’ve been told, you wish to do more. You want to be obedient and serve God, without revealing your secret. However, God has better plans for us, as he does for Emma.

Deep Secrets

But, deep secrets may not be something to hide. Brining them to the surface, into the light of God’s truth, diminishes them and even eliminates them. Deep, hidden secrets are a tool Satan uses to make us powerless, to reduce our effectiveness as Christians and trap us in his web of lies. Revealing may be painful and frightening, but with God, all things are possible. He is always at our side, walking though the fire with us, protecting us.
It is Emma’s sacrificial love for her family that she chooses to reveal her healing gift and the color of her light. Being a White Light, is the greatest gift that God bestows on these souls trapped between the Rapture and the Tribulation period. White Light is rare, when one considers all the colors of the rainbow available. However, that one act, changes Emma’s world, because her gift is revealed.


As I wrote from Emma’s perspective, her entire back-story came to light and life. So much so, that I may have an entire novella pre-quel as a result. About 90% of the story has not made it into the books, but it helps ground my character as I write about her. It was her character development that helped me develop the themes for the entire series. These themes are: Recognize; Accept; Surrender and Respond. It all has to do with one’s purpose, the one God had designed us for. So, Book 1 is Recognize; Book 2 is Accept; Book 3 and 4 are Surrender and Book 5 is Respond.

I hope you enjoy reading these books as much I enjoyed writing them.


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