Children of Light books by author Jana Smith

A six-book series of Christian, faith-based, speculative fiction books that take place seventy years after the rapture and subsequent post-apocalyptic war.

Follow Emma’s story as she searches for her purpose, and how her gifts fit God’s plan for her life. Can she overcome a lie she’s been told, and follow God’s plan? Who can she trust?

The Children of Light series by Jana Smith is a collection of post-apocalyptic, Christian speculative fiction novels. It explores the concept of giftedness from God and the struggle to recognize and embrace one’s unique abilities. Through Emma’s story, readers experience the journey from rejecting one’s extraordinary nature to accepting and surrendering to God’s purpose.

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Children of Light Series by Jana Smith

If we are very honest, at some point in our lives, we have imagined ourselves as being exceptional. We hope we are someone who has the strength to rise above and shine. But few of us truly do. In the end, most of us are rather ordinary. While this may be true, there is nothing wrong with that. Mostly, we live our lives to the best of our ability and serve God right where we are, using our gifts and abilities. Still, some of us dream of more, but those are only our secret dreams.

God’s gifts to his children

Every child of God has a gift. God gives us special gifts and abilities that are appropriate for the purpose God has created us. Specifically, this is so we can accomplish that which He has called us to. Unfortunately, few of us comprehend the magnitude of our giftedness.

At any rate, the challenge resides in our ability to recognize our gifts. To see them as a blessing. Accept them, surrender to the role the gifts dictate, and finally respond when called upon…all in God’s timing.

However, being extraordinary can be a burden

Although we may dream of being extraordinary, few of us are. Some special ones, unable to carry the burden, dream of being ordinary. Further, the very extraordinary ones may force themselves to be ordinary, therefore, rejecting their truth.

Emma is not special. She is extraordinary. Life’s circumstances forced her to reject her giftedness and bury the truth of its true value and purpose. Thus, life forced her to be ordinary.

Until it didn’t.

Follow Emma’s journey as she works to recognize that her gift of Light is a gift and not a curse; to accept it, surrender to God’s will, and finally respond to God’s purpose for her life.



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